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Mentoring Video



Ichimoku Cloud Breakout Watchlist #1

TRADING PLAN - 5 Minute Bar (PDF)

Ichimoku Cloud Breakout Watchlist #2

Ichimoku Cloud Breakout Watchlist Installation Instructions (Video)


1. Download the file above.
2. On a Mac this will likely save the file to your Downloads folder found on the Dock.
3. Move the file to your Desktop. And note the file name for your reference. (OSX may recognize the file as an MPEG, which it is not. This has to do with ThinkOrSwim using the “.ts” extension).
4. In ThinkOrSwim, click on the “Studies” button on any chart, then click “Edit Studies…”.
5. At the bottom of the Studies window there will be an “Import…” button, click on that.
6. In the Import window, double-click on “Desktop” and then scroll the bottom scroller to the right until you see the file you downloaded and moved to the desktop.
7. Double click on the file name, this will import the study into ThinkOrSwim and make it available for you anywhere you use your ThinkOrSwim software and account. However it will not be automatically/immediately added to your chart until the next step.
8. Back in the Studies window, scroll down until you find the study by the same file name. Double click on the study. This will add it to your chart.
9. Optional: In the “Added Studies” area to the right you will see the study you just added. By clicking on the gear symbol to the right of the added study you can make adjustments such as the types of alerts you receive.

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