How to Trade Stocks at a Discount

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This complete workshop discusses techniques that traders can use to replicate stock positions using options while risking a fraction of the capital needed to trade the underlying equity. A great workshop for options and stock traders alike, we cover:

  • Using calls to buy stock for half the price, Learn how to use the options market to make investments in equities for half the initial capital of outright stock positions.

  • Using Puts to Get long Stock, Learn how to use ITM puts to get LONG stock without laying out any capital and putting time decay on your side.

  • Using spreads to collect premium and Get Long Stock for Income, Learn how to use credit spreads to trade equities to the long side and collect premium on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • The Options Wheel – How to get long stocks cheaper OR get paid not to.

  • Continually lower the cost basis of long stock positions.

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